AI against global diseases

We develop open-source technologies to diagnose world deadliests infectious diseases

The project

Malaria kills

In low- and middle-income countries, diseases like malaria and tuberculosis silently claim countless lives. The good news is, these diseases are treatable when diagnosed early.

However, the current diagnostic process is slow, challenging, and reliant on traditional optical microscopy, demanding trained professionals and consuming precious time and resources.

We're on a mission to change this. Our goal is to make diagnosis affordable and accessible, even in the remotest of villages and communities. How? By harnessing the power of open-source deep learning tools, including datasets, labeling tools, a DIY microscope and cutting-edge DL models.

Imagine a world where accurate diagnosis is within reach, anywhere, anytime!

We are working towards making diagnosis more affordable and accesible, and taking it to every remote village and community.

We are creating Open-Source deep learning tools (datasets, labeling tool, DL models) to help solve this problem.

Soon, accurate diagnosis will be available anywhere, anytime!

The dataset

The effectiveness of any AI model hinges on the quality of its dataset. That's why our foremost focus is on creating the largest, most comprehensive open dataset of infectious diseases and sharing it with the world.

In the heart of our mission lie our microscopists, the real heros of the project, capturing microscopic images of various pathogens and meticulously labeling them to create the dataset.

The software

We're not stopping at just data collection. We've developed an intuitive Android app that streamlines the process of creating datasets – capturing images and labeling them – making it easier than ever.

Simultaneously, we're in the process of creating a cutting-edge computer vision deep learning Android app. This app will automatically identify parasites, revolutionizing disease diagnosis.

And here's the best part – everything we do is open-source. We're passionate about sharing our knowledge and tools with the world, because together, we can make a difference.


Programers needed

Ready to make a difference? Join and volunteer on our remote coding team and help us fight malaria with Kotlin and Firebase!

Beat Malaria now

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Join our monthly supporters' club on Patreon to help us create the world's largest infectious disease dataset with our dedicated microscopists – even a small donation can drive monumental change.


Thanks to our incredible collaborators, whose unwavering dedication has played an indispensable role in AiScope's mission and growth.

it's impossible to show every contributor and keep it updated on the web, but here you can have an indea of some of the kind people who helped to make AiScope what it is today:

Eduardo Peire


Industrial engineer / AI Specialist

Laura Moro


Bitechnologist / Ph.D. in Medicine

Rocío López

Product manager

Telecommunications engineer

Andy M. Sinyolo

Molecular Biologist / MSc. Tropical Infectious Diseases

Samara Khoudari

Lead designer

Graphic Designer -- UI Specialist

Joris Borsboom

Senior Developer

Computer Scientist

Kunal Rachhoya

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Alina Vasilcan

Project manager

Business Analyst

Eduard-Cristian Boloș

Senior Android Developer

Mira Suleimenova

Privacy advisor

International Lawyer

Amelia Young


Ramon Perez Tanoira

Malaria expert

Microbiologist / Ph.D. in clinical microbiology